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DuskMan is an upcoming 3-part drama series to be premiered on amazon prime video and youtube in 2024.


Superheroes. Mental health. Not two subjects commonly found together. But our main character Jim suffers greatly from mental health problems. Stemming from a personal tragedy at a young age, it sends him on a journey unlike any other as his imagination lays the foundations of the life in front of him. Influenced by comic books, movies and video games, Jim is constantly battling altered versions of familiar Batman villains, tweaked to fit into his own world. His mind is rife with villains trying to bring him to his knees which is countered by a world that is trying to do the same. What is real and what is not is to be discovered as we follow Jims journey and transformation into... DuskMan.

DuskMan was written over the Summer of 2018 by Leicester-based writer, Sam Winterton. The series is produced by Leicester production company GM Finney Productions who have worked with Sam on their previous films such as Project 444 and the Prime Video series, The RockMan.”

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